Room-for-two-projects (Room42) offers a wide range of projects in the field of personal development. Room42 is there for the one who is ready to enter the path to development and facilitates everyone's personal journey. Room42 can also help you to make this journey, through your own path and on your own way, so that the legend of your card appears. After following a specific route the compass should autonomously be red and executed for the rest of your stay. Room42 provides a clear route description on this trip to yourself and teaches you how the backpack should be filled for an optimum trip. A research and personal conversation carefully determine the choice of the route (if necessary custom-made) that best suits your question.

Room42 stands for 'room for two'. Without connection no growth! Often there is a lack in the base, the connection with yourself, whereby no right choices can be made. Room42 shall ensure that the identity is brought into the picture, so that there is a clear balance from which right choices and connection with others can be made.

Whether you would like to develop live on distance (from home or office) or rather face-to-face, Room42 is offering it through the live online room and the face-to-face room. Do you prefer to develop on a 1-to-1 basis, click on the possibilities that gives Room4U in the field of coaching and feet-reflexology. Room4More is there for those who prefer to develop in a group. In the submenu Training you can find more information. Combination routes of Room4U and Room4More are aimed at putting focus, structural changes and effectiveness.
The Business rooms are specially designed for organizations and teams. This contains the Facility room that provides opportunities for organizations to work with live online rooms, either independently, or facilitated by us. Would you like to know at which level your team is, who has what role and how group processes and dynamics develop within it, look at the possibilities that will be offered in the Team room.

For those who want extra immersion, Room42 collaborates with partners who work from their own discipline. These links can be found under Room+. For sharing experiences and finding tips and the latest news, go to the news room. You can also subscribe to the Room42 newsletter, via the general contact page announcing newsletter.


'Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards'
(Soren Kierkegaard)

During my work as Design & Merchandise Director in the clothing industry I became inspired by that what people moves, what choices someone makes and from which motivation. At one point I took the plunge and I decided to focus on where my heart is. I have completed a study for Trainer/Coach and feet-reflexology and now a day’s focus on Room42-projects. Daily looking for balance, the balance between ratio and feeling, authenticity and physique, but also the connection between therapist and client or coach and coachee.

I look for connection between the objectivity of business and humanity of personal contact. After all the right people in the right place allows for collaboration, effectiveness and better results. Central in this process is developing training programs and guarantee those through personal coaching and support with feet-reflexology. I like to help people to move in the direction of their choice. This brings people back in their strength, from which they can enter into new steps and connections.